Basketballverse Rebrand: Taking the Game to New Heights!
Two years ago, when the Web3 gaming market was just starting to emerge, we jumped in with excitement. Back then, the market was pretty new, and everyone, including us, was figuring out how to make o ...

Two years ago, when the Web3 gaming market was just starting to emerge, we jumped in with excitement. Back then, the market was pretty new, and everyone, including us, was figuring out how to make our mark. We may not have had the perfect brand at first, but we had a vision that resonated with our early investors. Shoutout to them for believing in us!

Our initial focus was on developing the game itself, not so much on branding. We wanted to bring the game to life as soon as possible, so we poured our time and money resources into game development. Things like logos and websites were seen as “extra details” at that time. But as our community grew, we realized it was time to step up our branding game.

And speaking of the community, you guys rock! We appreciate all the feedback and support you’ve given us. You’ve helped shape Basketballverse into something really special.

Now, with the crypto winter upon us, it’s the perfect time to level up our brand. We’ve brought on an awesome CMO, Goda, who said, “It’s about time for Basketballverse to have its face lift.” And she’s right! We aim to be a strong competitor in the Web3 gaming industry, not just with our unique game, but also through our branding and communication.

Some of you might be thinking, “Who cares about branding? Just make the game fun!” We hear you, and we’re on the same page. Fun for players is always our top priority. But guess what? Branding is a big part of the fun experience too! Think about it: the logo that welcomes you, the colors and fonts you see in the game, the music that gets you hyped up — it’s all part of the Basketballverse brand. We didn’t focus on branding in the early stages, but now we understand its importance.

Why is branding important for Basketballverse?

Firstly, it helps our game stand out in the market, build a strong emotional connection with our potential players (community), and generate excitement. Because we want to build a strong community around the game, a strong brand plays a huge role in that.

We’re also not the only basketball game in the Web3 space, so it’s crucial for the community to know the story Basketballverse offers and see why it’s the best sport game choice for them.

And let’s not forget about the opportunities a strong brand image brings. It can attract funding, partnerships, and licensing deals, all of which contribute to the success and longevity of our game.

In a nutshell, building a strong brand image is essential to our game’s marketing strategy and plays a significant role in its success.

The path to our new brand visual identity


Our brand values

These are the core principles that guide us every single day:

Authenticity. We’re all about creating an authentic basketball game. We bring innovation, unique features and elements together to make Basketballverse stand out from what is already known in other basketball video games.

Transparency with our partners and community: Just as basketball thrives on teamwork, Basketballverse embraces the same spirit. We cherish our community and depend on your valuable feedback to constantly enhance and expand our game. Collaboration is the foundation of our progress, and that’s why we prioritize transparency and open communication between our team and the community. Your satisfaction remains our top priority.

Fun. The most important ingredient! At the core of everything we do, whether it’s making critical business decisions or shaping our project, we ask ourselves a simple question: Does it add more excitement and enjoyment to the game, the project, and the community? Because, at the end of the day, having an absolute blast is what it’s all about!

Every decision we make goes through the “Is it authentic? Would the community love it? Is it fun?” filter. If we get three “yeses”, we go for it! If we don’t have three “yeses”, what do we do? Rethink, rework, innovate etc.

Target audience

Our target audience is basketball-loving people between the ages of 18 and 35, who have a passion for gaming and feel enthusiastic about crypto. But hey, that doesn’t mean others can’t enjoy our game too! It’s designed to be accessible and enjoyable for players of all backgrounds, ages and skill levels. However, having a clear target group definition helps our marketing team ensure consistent communication that resonates with our core audience.

Game distinguishing features

After we’ve defined our target audience for you and presented the aim of the project to be different and authentic, you might be wondering how Basketballverse stands out from other basketball video games. Well, here are the three main points that make our game truly unique:

Captivating Gameplay: We’re getting closer to releasing a free-to-play basketball multiplayer game where you can customize your character, develop skills, trade items, win tournaments, and build a Hall of Fame career! It’s an easy and fun-to-play arcade-style video game that you can enjoy with your friends and foes alike.

Real-Life Players: We take partnerships with real-world players to the next level. Unlike anywhere else, in Basketballverse, you can train with players from the NBA and EuroLeague to improve your in-game skills faster and win more matches. Get ready to experience it firsthand!

Accessible Basketball Industry: In the world of Basketballverse, you’ll get a taste of the real-world basketball business and culture. Everything you can imagine, from history-making games to exceptional skills, beautiful points, MVPs, celebrities, fashion, art, music, and more immersive basketball experiences, will come to life.


Understanding our target audience and defining the uniqueness of our product helps us position our brand in the world of basketball video games. We’re not trying to beat “NBA 2k” in their realistic style, but we’re bringing real-life business into the game. Our concept art has a touch of cartoonish fun, allowing players to enjoy character customization while still looking like good old homo sapiens. This is not just a classic “Play to Earn” game; it’s a game designed to deliver loads of fun first, with earning as an added value for those who want to pursue a career path and earn rewards.

Therefore, we can confidently say that we’re working on a product for basketball lovers seeking an immersive gaming experience in the Web3 world. We’re creating a metaverse that reflects the real-world basketball industry with endless possibilities to play and earn in the most exciting ways.

New visual brand identity

Or, in other words, a tiny face-lift!

In the dynamic world of gaming and the fresh market of Web3 gaming, rebranding can breathe new life into a product and help it stand out as a strong brand that cares about its communication strategy. With a new, thoughtful visual brand identity, we decided to revamp our brand book and the overall feel of our daily communication to captivate basketball lovers, gamers, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts.


Basketballverse is undergoing a radical makeover, and we’re taking it to the next level of awesomeness! Say goodbye to the old monochrome logo and hello to a new, vibrant, and maxed-out design that truly represents our game’s identity. We’re all about the fun and expression, so being minimalist is just not our style, you feel us?

Check it out for yourself. Our logo went from 2D and boring to a three-dimensional, eye-popping masterpiece. It’s like our in-game assets came to life and jumped right off the screen. And peep those carefully chosen elements in our logo — they all have a special story to tell!

We got the 🏀 Basketball-coin, screaming that this game is all about basketball and giving you a shot at winning some serious cash! How about that 👟 Purple kick? It’s all about the fashion industry vibes that you’ll be rockin’ in-game. Then we got the 🎮 Joystick, straight-up shouting, “Yo, this is a video game, baby!” Can’t forget the 📻 Boombox, paying homage to those sick ’90s hip-hop beats and the important role they play in basketball culture.

And check it, the 🔶 Orange card with a baller’s silhouette? That’s a nod to our NFT cards, which will be collectibles and in-game assets, keeping things fresh and exciting. Oh, and that 🥫 Can of spray paint? It’s a little hint to streetball and street culture ’cause we’re taking the game to the streets in BVR, my people. What’s up with that 👁️ Melting eyeball? We’ll leave the meaning up to you, my friends. Drop a comment below and take a guess!

A lot in one logotype, right? We know our main logo is large and detailed, making it a bit tricky to use everywhere. So, we also prepared some simplified versions, depending on where we’re slapping it. Gotta give our logo room to “breathe” in different backgrounds, you feel?

Secondary logo & submark

The only thing that we kept intact was the brand name ’cause we love it, especially after seeing big players like NIKE dropping their Footballverse. We’re here to make our mark too!


Our fresh color palette, fam! We’re ditching that minimal vibe and embracing a broad and stunning range of 10 colors and 20 tints and shades. Our designers will mix and match them to create all sorts of killer visuals for Basketballverse. It’s gonna be lit


Now, peep our typography game. We went for that chunky bold “FK Screamer” font for our titles — gives you that nostalgic ’90s feel that meshes perfectly with our concept rooted in the golden era of basketball. And for the body text, we went with the straightforward yet super clear “Usual” font, adding an extra touch of awesomeness to our font family.





Hold up, hold up! After creating this new exciting brand book, we just had to update our official website. Head over to and feast your eyes on the ultimate showcase of our project and the full game vision. What you’ll see after jumping over is only the tip of the iceberg — more updates will roll out in the coming weeks. We have decided that the rebrand has to be enforced on all our channels at the same time, and it would make sense to add more sections as we progress, so developers could do the best possible job!

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s waiting for you on the new website:

🎥 Cinematic video shots straight from the gameplay, making you drool with anticipation.

🏀 Game distinguishing features that set us apart from the rest.

🎮 Gameplay modes that cater to every player out there — whether you wanna be a Baller, Club Manager, or Arena Owner, we got you covered.

🏅 Coaches, fam! They’re about to change the game. Learn from real-life MVPs and level up your Baller’s career to dominate the court.

💎 Digital assets galore! We’re talking collections of NFT cards that’ll not only enhance your in-game experience but also become highly sought-after collectibles.

🌍 Welcome to the BVR universe! Immerse yourself in the digital world we’ve crafted for the ultimate gaming experience.

📢 Genuine feedback from VCs, our partners, and investors, letting you know we mean business.

🎉 Exciting events, happening now and in the future, across all our social media platforms. You don’t wanna miss out!

💰 Earning potential for all you hustlers out there. Get that cash while having a blast.

🗺️ Our roadmap, giving you the lowdown on what’s coming up in the current and future months.

👥 Last but not least, our incredible team, hustling behind the scenes, to deliver the best experiences for you all.

We’ve poured our hearts and souls into this, and we hope you love every bit of it. This is a new chapter for Basketballverse, and we’re kickin’ it off together. So, drop your thoughts in the comments, Ballers! We wanna hear from you. Let’s ball out!


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Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we continue to refine and enhance your gaming experience!

About Basketballverse

Basketballverse is a real-time online free-2-play arcade style video game built on blockchain for a truly immersive and fun playing experience. The game empowers gamers to earn real income by playing as a Baller, managing a club, or owning an arena to host games and sell advertising space. We’re on a mission to create a full ecosystem which reflects real-world basketball business and culture, and allows you to enjoy immersive gameplay, balanced competition, and big rewards.

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